Webinars - registration page doesn't match meeting time

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I found that you have to edit the meeting title and time on the registration page to match the actual meeting time of the event.  Is anyone else seeing this?  Is this by design?

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Hi @David Phillips, this is a known issue and will be corrected in our next update to the webinar feature (Q3CY21). 

@Bryan Nyce  @David Phillips  I have noticed that if you set all the event details before turning on the requirement for registration that the registration page will pick-up the correct date and time. However, it would be nice if the date and time on the registration form was automatically updated with changes to dates and times of the event. In addition, it is frustrating that if you don't set the event details before turning registration for the webinar on then the start/end times on your registration page are limited to the hour/half-hour meaning your registration page might not match-up to your event details. This is confusing for participants.

Has this been corrected? @Bryan Nyce 

@Tmadel It looks like this is not yet fixed because it just happened to one of our users :(

@RolandGoguen and others,


Apologies, but spoke with the feature PM, and this work has been pushed back into H1CY22 timeframe (potentially end Q1CY22/early Q2CY22 at the moment).

Disappointing news @Bryan Nyce, but appreciate the update.

@Bryan Nyce - truly disappointing. I hope that the PM understands the adverse impact that this bug has on the product. Because it can completely confuse the attendee - we are not using the Webinar product, even though we would very much like to do so.  This is a major bug in the system and should be corrected ASAP. 

I've just realised a webinar we set up shows the American date format (MM/DD/YYYY) on the page that users see, however when i look at the preview in Teams it shows with the proper date format DD/MM/YYYY. Great way to confuse users..
Got a reply from Microsoft Support (got a premier support) that they plan, preliminary, to publish fix on 2022 Q1 or Q2.

@ARusteika_LTG This is really upsetting. Microsoft created a significant bug in a feature that makes it unusable by most of their paying customers... it is taking them ~one year to address this issue. Whoever is the product owner for this capability should really talk to their customers to understand that they rolled out a product which many want to use, but it is UNUSABLE due to this bug. How come this was not a priortity fix in their next possible release? 

@Bryan Nyce could you share what H1CY22 refers to in months?
Jan 2022 - June 2022.
We're really ooking forward to this fix. It's a real issue for us, as first time Webinar users don't realize it's happening until people try to connect and get confused about the date. Sounds like this fix is coming in the next few months, per previous posts.

@m36five - it seems to be fixed for us now. I used it recently and all came out well.  This is due to either a change that is being rolled out - OR another commentor had said that if you complete all of the information on the form BEFORE setting the dates and saving - all is well.  I would have to test to see if it was the second item that actually made it work. Worth experimenting with - and definitely MSFT needs to roll out a fix as quickly as possible if they have not done so. 

Do you have any update as to when this fix will be deployed?

@Bryan Nyce Is there an update to early Q2 2022?  I would like to use this for an upcoming webinar but not with this bug.  Thanks.

@Bryan Nyceany update about this issue? here in my company we encountered the same problem.

@ricardovmr We are still having the same issue in Teams EDU- no 15min time intervals available in the registration form/attendee calendar invite for a webinar.


Hi @Bryan Nyce - has this issue been fixed now?  I'm still having issues.
Many thanks