Webinar - external participant can't fill in registration form ?

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We will start to use MS Teams Webinar feature within our organisation and with partner.

As we want to log all participant (and especially our partner that aren't in our organization) we will ask to fill in the webinar form to be allowed to connect to the Webinar.

But when I tried to send the registration link to external participant, they can't fill in the form, a "blank" page is displayed after the Microsoft Login page.

I setup my Webinar what every one must register, same if choose "only corporate user".

My tenant is based in Switzerland

I can see all the choice in the "who must register" 

Any idea why I've got this behavior ?

Thanks in advance for your reply

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@AMaygeoz ,


When you schedule the webinar, what are you selecting for the Require Registration item? Schedule a webinar (microsoft.com) Is it "people in my company" or "Everyone"?  From your post, it appears that you are selecting Everyone, as such, there should not be any login required when accessing the registration link.