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I need to present a session that has embedded YouTube videos in the PowerPoint deck. When I share the deck, I cannot play the video. It plays for a fraction of a second and then stops. If I click play again, the same thing happens. The same applies when I try and share any video (online or local) on a Teams call. Even if I'm not sharing my screen but I'm on a teams call, I cannot play videos.

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Thanks for reaching out. A few questions


1.) Do the videos in the deck play when you are not in a Teams call, as in play them from the deck?

2.) Do these videos play ok when not in the deck (I.e. in a browser?)

3.) Do the videos in the deck play when others show the deck in a Teams call?

4.) What is the experience of video when others play video in Teams generally?

5.) Are you sharing your window/screen or are you using PowerPoint Live and uploading the deck into the Teams call?

6.) Is PowerPoint and Teams updated to the latest version?

7.) What hardware are you running on? Windows? Mac? Are the drivers updated? 


Look forward to hearing from you


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Hi Chris,


Thanks for the response. In answer to your questions:

1) Yes

2) Yes

3) I'm not sure - the deck is confidential and will only be shared with specific recipients when I present in 2 days.

4) No one in my organisation has the same issue - they are able to play videos while sharing in Teams calls.

5) I've tried all these options and the result is the same.

6) Yes - I checked updates and both apps are the latest versions

7) My laptop is a brand new Dell XPS so all drivers are updated as well.


What I noted subsequent to posting this query was that when I remove my Jabra bluetooth dongle (thereby disconnecting my Jabra Evolve 65 bluetooth headset, the problem went away. This is not a permanent fix as I use my headset on calls.


Thanks so much for the help.



Teams in a call seems to keep all media players and browsers in stopped state.

How can we disable this behaviour? How am I able to continue streaming videos in my browser while being on a Teams call?