Unable to Add Presenters to a live Event

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I'm not able to add presenters to a live event.  I add presenters' email addresses while creating a live event, and the invitation email is then well received by the presenters. However when they click to join live event, they join as an attendee only, and their videos aren't shared.


I have tried to add them as a Team member, thinking that could be the reason. However I am not able to add anyone as a team member either.


I'm on Office 365 E3 license.


Can anyone help with  this please?


Many thanks in advance


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All these presenters external to your organization ?


Or are these presenters / producers are with Gmail, Yahoo email addresses ?


@Susheel_DograHi, thanks.


Yes, they are external presenters; gmail and yahoo email acocunt. 

I also recall reading somewhere recently that all the presented need to have a paid E1, E3 etc. license. Is that correct?


@mcsonbahar Thanks for your reply.


You can follow this article which will help you : 

If you still have any issue , reach out to our Live event assistance team visiting here :

Did you know Microsoft is offering a free Live events assistance service till 1st Jan-2021 and you can find out more about this service by visiting here : https://resources.techcommunity.microsoft.com/live-events/assistance/ & https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/live-events-assistance . So, what are you waiting for , Submit your request today.


NOTE : While filling the request, please choose the option which is : Assistance for an up-coming event and you can ask for me.



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