Teams webinar slowed down my computer hugely

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Hi -- I ran a (generally pretty successful) workshop the other day as a Teams webinar, but as soon as I started the event, my computer slowed down hugely. I understand it was okay for everyone else (though some things like moving to breakout rooms took a while for everyone), but it happened again just now when I ran a test webinar with only one attendee (me on a different email, on my phone).


As we're currently unable to make anyone else co-organisers, this made my life a lot harder, as I was trying to introduce the guest speakers, let people in from the lobby and keep track of the chat, etc -- my mouse would move slowly and jerkily across the screen and I'd have to wait a few seconds after clicking anything (eg mute/unmute; move to the next shared Powerpoint slide) to see it implemented.


Is this a general issue and is there anything I can do about it?

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