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After a Teams Webinar, how does the organizer get the report of Q&A postings, and the Report of Chat postings?

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I think that needs a Teams Premium plan

Hi @ux0042,

after concluding a Teams Webinar, organizers can access the Q&A and Chat reports using the following steps:

Q&A Report:

  1. Upon the conclusion of the event, navigate to your Teams calendar and double-click the event invitation.
  2. Click the down arrow next to Q&A report.
  3. Download the report as a .CSV file, which will be saved in your computer's Downloads folder.

Chat Report: To obtain the chat report, refer to the Teams webinar usage report. Follow these steps:

  1. In the Microsoft Teams admin center, select Analytics & reports > Usage reports.
  2. On the View reports tab, choose Webinar usage reports.
  3. Set a predefined or custom date range.
  4. Click Run report.

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Leon Pavesic

My org's expert tells me MS doesn't have this yet for webinars. I don't have the options detailed above. The Chat Report option is for an admin account, which I would not have access to in my org.

I have the same question as @ux0042 . This worked with the previous Teams Live events where all Q&A could be downloaded into a report post-event. Using the newer Teams Webinar functions, I disabled Chat and enabled Q&A. As the organizer of the event, it is odd I do not have access to any record of the Q&A. I was able to get the recording and do have ability to download Attendance report (although I have to navigate into webinar event modification view to access). I do not have the tabs associated with the webinar so cannot easily view "Q&A". I must actually re-join the webinar and then I can see the Q&A as it was during the session. There is no easy way to copy or download a summary.