Teams webinar 'no longer exists'

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 I set up a webinar with registration, which was working fine up until monday last week (7th March) - it now says that it no longer exists when you click on it in the calendar, and as such I'm not able to make any edits or download an updated registration list.

It also no longer has the ability to join when you right click on it.


It is still present in my outlook calendar with all of the original information, and It can be joined from here (so it does exist).

The only thing that is different about this one is that you'll see in the picture above there are 6 workshops, each set up as a separate teams meeting.
I created a table with a hyperlink to each of these and put it in the body of text for the meeting. Everything in one place so that attendees would know where to go next. Could this have somehow confused it by having other hyperlinks in the actual body of it?


Has anyone else had this problem before and managed to resolve it? Or any other suggestions?
I can't set it up all over again because 200 odd people have already registered and that would generate a new link to join.





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Not sure I am following this - in your screenshot above, then event on the left (PACTS) is the original webinar you scheduled, and is giving you the error? And you have a table in that particular invite that has the other 6 meeting links? If so, not sure how the attendees would get that - they don't receive the original webinar invite directly (they get the registration email, which only has the content that you have entered on the registration page).