Teams Webinar Confirmation Emails Not Sending

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I'm trying to setup a Webinar for my company and several people have registered for the webinar, but no one has received a confirmation email with the calendar invite/join now link. 

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Same bug here and with a test with another company, it affects everybody.


just removed the extra line in the registration form that I had previously, and now it works.

have no idea if that was the case, but maybe it can help

@Nurzhan I received my test emails 3 hours later, it looks like they were stuck in a backlog, it is a shame because an attentee won't wait 3 hours to receive his email...

So I ll give it a last chance today hoping that they have stabilised their spam filter.

Same thing again, attendees are not receiving the link. Even though I can clearly see them registered in my Teams registered list.
I tested it myself with gmail domain and had no success.
It makes really hard to plan, since just a few hours ago everything was ok and everyone was getting their email invitations.

@Nurzhan When you say extra line do you mean the additional forms. Here is what I noticed. My first attempt creating the webinar without additional questions on form I got messages confirmation messages immediately. After adding some other question like phone number, it becomes processing instead of saying Registered. 

Another worry is there ought to be notification if anyone registers, it never came in. 

What do you think.