Teams reverting to old link

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We set up a Happy Hour through work and included an external guest.  The guest doesn't have a computer at home or internet service.  We set up their iPad by downloading Microsoft Teams and figured they'd join through the cellular data via iPad.  We did a 'test' 4 days prior to the actual Happy Hour. I set up a Test Teams meeting.  It all worked great - they were able to click on the link - see the others who were on the test call - we were able to see them.  We then set up the Happy Hour and sent the invite to the guest.  We instructed them to go to their email and click on the link in the invite related to the Happy Hour.  Every time she clicked on the link, it took her to the space from the old 'test' invite 4 days prior. She'd see a message that said the Host would need to let her enter the meeting. But when I'd go to the current Teams link, she wasn't in the 'lobby'.  So I went to the 'test' calendar invite from 4 days prior - clicked on that link - and it came up saying she was waiting in the lobby to enter.  I deleted that 'test' invite hoping to eliminate this from happening.  But it kept doing the same thing.  The system would not take her to the current Happy Hour meeting - even though we knew she was clicking on the right link.  

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