Teams PowerShell Script to Disable Webinar Registration Notification(s)

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Hello Msft TC,


Situation: Conducting webinar using Teams on 8/20 but have run into a couple of issues. The main issue of which is that front end registration will actually be managed through a secondary application/program that has already been integrated with our website (Bevy). Through registration at that endpoint they will be provided the direct meeting link to the webinar (vs the Teams registration landing page). 

Question (ask): Is there a way to disable all email comms to registrants/attendees that are [automatically] generated by interacting/participating with or in the event -- either using the Teams admin center or Teams PowerShell?

My thought was disabling all activity notifications at the user level for a specified period of time (in this case perhaps from the creation date of the webinar up to 48 hours after the event) using Teams PS but I don't have a strong knowledge of the syntax to accomplish. Any insights of value are greatly appreciated

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Unless they register they won’t get any mail for the webinar! If you have your own and just provide a meeting link via your solution you should be good! Or did I miss something? They don’t need to be registered to the webinar in order to attend it.


Hi Adam, thanks for the reply. Apologies, I did leave out some detail. The secondary issue is surrounding the 'California' Can Spam Act. I was not able to find a way to add an 'opt-in' disclaimer to the registration page which is problematic from a business perspective. Again my goal, at least DTR, is to have our team link a redirect to our future webinar landing page(s) from our web portal so registration (data) is captured directly within Teams and I can simply forward the xls registration list back down to marketing so they can upload to HubSpot (which is used in tandem with Bevy). My team has brought on a Business Analyst and he & I are going to ultimately move stats/post attendance surveys to a PBI dev workspace. I ideally wanted to eliminate our need to be dependent on data assets flowing back to us from other teams and would like to build power automate business flows to save us time but once processes leave the Msft universe the complexity of building connectors goes well beyond my knowledge base