Teams Live Events - Bug: Red Border & Top of the list Presenters

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I am from the United Kingdom and I am experiencing some issues since the recent update in Live Events.


  1. The red border around the live presenter cannot not be seen by that presenter, but everyone else including the producer can see it. Imagine what that is like for a presenter not know if they are live and looking around in dead air!
  2. When a presenter turns on their camera, they no longer appear at the top of the list, they appear in the position that they arrive at.  i.e if the host or facilitator is the last one to arrive, and there are multiple presenters and moderators, you will need to scroll down through rows to get to them.  This is causing a delay and makes it look like the producer is asleep at the wheel. 
  3. The presenter panel in the producer view has minimised it fluctuates between 6 - 9 presenters.  If you hold events with multiple presenters this is terrible.  This Presenters area is THE most important area as a producer and has become secondary.

Has anyone the same issue.  I have reported this in UserVoice, but wondered if this bug is just in our Tenant?


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1. is a bug, we're rolling the fix through the rings now.
2. This is a known issue, engineering is investigating.
3. Thank you for the feedback, I will pass this along to the team.

@Bryan Nyce 

Is there any update on this bug fixing. Still I am having this issue, the red border is not showing for presenters in MS Teams Live event

The fix is still in our lower rings, awaiting ring progression.
How can we get this promoted?
Hi Bryan,

Any update on this? I have come users enquiring about it.


This is slated to reach the general ring by end of July.

@Bryan Nyce 


Hi, Is any update about this...i am still waiting for your reply


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The fix was rolled out last week.
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The fix was rolled out last week.

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