Teams live event "Program" NDI output

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Am I the only one who is missing a "Live event Program feed" NDI output from Teams when producing live events?

Sometimes we need to produce RTMP live events to a specific service instead of Teams Live events. But with all remote participants on Teams. In this scenario I would enable NDI output on my producer Teams client and then capture it with OBS or similar tool for RTMP streaming.

The "Active Speaker" NDI output from Teams actually shows the Program feed branded with a Teams logo in the corner when first joining the event. But the problem is that as soon as another presenter unmutes and starts speaking, then the NDI output switches to his video feed (without Teams branding) even though i didn't send him "live". It makes sense that this happens as it's the "Active Speaker" output

It would be really nice in live events to also have a "Program feed" NDI output from the Teams client.
Or alternatively that the Active Speaker output in live events always showed the Program output instead.

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Hi @ToMMeR,


I would love to understand your scenario a little further. Teams doesn't have a concept of a "program" feed per se from the client side. However, if you are producing the event in something like OBS, you can actually output the program feed from OBS itself using NDI.