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We have been doing Live Events regularly for the last 2 years but with people returning to to workplace a need has arisen for "Hybrid" events where we would still be sending a Live Event out but there will also be people in a large meeting room (where most of the presenters will be going live from) - What I am looking for is a way to have the "program" video on screens within the room without the 30 second delay of the "Attendee View" - I can put a Producer view on the screen. but I would much prefer to be able to pull out a "live" program view.... Any thoughts?

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Hello David,

This sounds like a use-case for moving to traditional video production gear (hardware and/or software mixer) where you can route the switched program feed to the local displays (real-time) in parallel with what goes into Producer. You can use a video capture device to bring the signal into teams Producer like a webcam. There is also an option in Teams to use an external encoder app. This allows you to send a stream directly into Teams vs. the Producer environment.

@gerardvirga That's fine if all of the presenters are in the room; but what about a hybrid event with remote presenters? As a multi-national corp, we regularly have speakers from the US and the UK, and we'd like to put remote speakers up on the screen in the room for the "live" audience to see simultaneously in real time.

@Adam Wolff That's yet another use-case. Here I would bring-in the remote presenters via a 2nd (or more) Teams Meeting where you can spotlight the presenter and use a capture device to convert to a standard A/V signal for the local production. There is also a feature in Teams to convert remote presenters signal to NDI which can then be consumed directly over the network in a software switcher like vMix or use an NDI to HDMI or NDI to SDI conversion device to bring a wired signal into a hardware switcher. You will need to configure the remote return audio for Mix Minus so that the remote presenter does on hear themselves in the returned program audio that lets them hear what happening at the in-person venue.


You would also need to consider a producer talkback (not show live) to the remote presenters for cuing and pre-live instruction. 


That's the most direct way to do it. Although there are always other ways to do the same.