Teams Live Event/Hybrid Event - Program Video

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We have been doing Live Events regularly for the last 2 years but with people returning to to workplace a need has arisen for "Hybrid" events where we would still be sending a Live Event out but there will also be people in a large meeting room (where most of the presenters will be going live from) - What I am looking for is a way to have the "program" video on screens within the room without the 30 second delay of the "Attendee View" - I can put a Producer view on the screen. but I would much prefer to be able to pull out a "live" program view.... Any thoughts?

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Hello David,

This sounds like a use-case for moving to traditional video production gear (hardware and/or software mixer) where you can route the switched program feed to the local displays (real-time) in parallel with what goes into Producer. You can use a video capture device to bring the signal into teams Producer like a webcam. There is also an option in Teams to use an external encoder app. This allows you to send a stream directly into Teams vs. the Producer environment.