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Is this now a thing:


Allow anonymous presenters in a live meeting - Office Support (


I've lost hours of my life trying to get external presenters in to our Teams Live events. Those who don't have at least a free account need to set one up and accept the invitation to our tenancy as a guest. Those who already use Teams seem still to need to accept an invitation into our tenancy as a guest. The former then gets wrapped up in a world of authentication pain while the latter seem unable to either sign out of teams in order to sign back in using our invitation, or accept into a 2nd tenancy in Teams to allow them access. All of these then still hit a wall when they have to accept our terms and conditions for use on Teams.

Am I missing the easy, straightforward path to getting external presenters into our live events? The above link suggests changes coming in May however we're now in May and I've seen no change in the Teams Live event booking page.

Please help!



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Hello @BaldRickB  I believe the rollout started in early May but it may not have reached your tenant yet.  Introducing Webinars in Microsoft Teams: Easy, professional webinars to engage customers - Microsoft...

Hi Therese,

Thank you! Funnily enough, it appeared the very next morning. Do you happen to know if E/A 3/5 license holders from other tenancies need to have this checked now as well or are they able to just receive an invite as before? Many of our external guests are Teams users so would be better if they can use the Q&A, as they would have before.