Teams dropdown is not showing in our tenant

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We have a A1 license for our organization. But the support team informed us that the webinar option is enabled only for Microsoft 365 E3/E5 and Microsoft A3/A5. But another article showing that if registration option for none is selected then the Webinar settings will be enabled. In that case how many attendees can join the meeting 300 or 1000. If I want to arrange a parent meet for nearly 1000 members what do I need to do. 

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Hi! Meetings are still at the 300 participants limit for A1! The limit of 1000 participants is not only for webinars but for normal meetings as well, although not for A1 yet unfortunately!


@adam deltinger Oh! that's very pity. Actually, the schools need the limit to be 1000 to allow us to conduct parent meet during this pandemic. We cannot ask parent to attend for a meeting personally. I believe that Microsoft will increase this limit for A1 licenses also.