Status in webinar not registering attendees

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My attendees are registering and in the status some are popping up as processing versus registered. It has been days since they registered. How do I switch them to make sure they get confirmation email and list as registered?
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I’m experiencing the same issue. After creating a webinar and making all attendees register the registration report is showing some participants in the processing status instead of registered status. This means the registrants have not received the automated confirmation email which includes the event details and the link to join the upcoming webinar. Also, I will mention this just started over the past two weeks and was not an issue before. Additionally, I have not changed any settings under the Admin panel. How can I manually override the registration process as the event organizer and force a completion of the registrations showing up as processing? Thank you for your time.


While the registration status did not change from processing to registered on its own. I was able to figure out this work around - I had a team member ( I could not because I organized the event) manually register any attendee showing in the processing status. This was accomplished by opening a separate window in Edge, pasting the registration link and then populating the registration form with the information from the registration report. This needed to be done for each participant/attendee in the processing status. Within a few hours when I ran the registration report again - everyone's status showed as registered. 

Thank you that is helpful and I’ll def do that in the future. I am also finding some people are listed a registered and didn’t get the link, so I’m checking internal processes too. Thanks.