Registered webinar attendees don't receive updated invite after update date registration form!

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I created a Teams webinar with registration form. People have been registering and yesterday I had to change the date and time of the webinar. I changed the date and time in the Teams webinar and then I changed it in the registration form as well. According to this link Change webinar details ( all registered attendees should automatically receive an updated calendar invite. I followed the steps, but they didn't receive anything and the invite hasn't been updated in their calendar. How can I solve this? Is there another way to send them an updated calendar invite or trigger an automatic one?





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Hi @Sarara84,


I just tested this, and I was not able to repro the issue - I received the updated invites. However I checked with our team, and there was an issue related to this which we patched, but it looks like the patch hasn't fully rolled out just yet. I will see if I can get an ETA, but it should be relatively quickly.




Hi @Bryan Nyce 


Thank you for your feedback.


Last week I had to change the time of another webinar. Again I first changed it in the teams Webinar and saved it, then I changed it in the registration form and saved that. And again the registered attendees did NOT receive a notification or an ICS attachment, nor did the calendar item adjust automatically.


Have you found a cause and/or solution for this?


I've now asked people to register again to get the updated invite, but this is of course not an efficient way or working.


FYI, I also had to cancel a webinar a few weeks ago and for that the registered attendees did get a notification.


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I'm just wanting to add a co-organizer. Why does that require an update to the invitation? That doesn't make any sense.