Pin Key Attendees on the Screen for Everyone

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We host large meetings / training sessions and want pin key attendees to the forefront of the screen so that a forum conversation can be viewed easily by the observers. You can use Presenter status but my understanding is that different people have different views.

Anyone know it is possible for us to set it up so that certain people are always on the screen?

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Hi @Pn1995 

If I understand you correctly you are looking for the Spotlight feature.

Spotlight someone's video in a Teams meeting - Microsoft Support


If this don't help, please provide some more details, and I'll do my best to help.


I run quite a few large meetings.    


Pinning is a personal user choice for a user's particular screen, it doesn't affect anyone else's view.


Assigning your presenters in advance, will provide you much more meeting control during your meeting.


During a meeting you can actively spotlight presenters to make their camera feed appear larger than others in the meeting.


If you are screen sharing during a meeting, the screen will always be larger and move and shrink the spotlighted cameras off to the side.    If you are more interested in a specifically a talking head discussion, then stop screen sharing momentarily and resume screen sharing after the talking head discussion is finished.