MS Teams Webinar not allowing change of time

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When I try and change my webinar by an hour it will not allow me to save and send updates.    


When I click 'save' it gives me the below alert and keeps showing up and will not allow me to update.  Is there something I'm missing? 


image (2).png

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Same here. Searching for solution.
I have bad feeling that its not possible right now. Probably related to service degradation.

It happens.

Is this still happening, and do you have a case open with support by chance?

@Brad Wilson i couldn't find how to file a case.  I ended up cancelling and having to reach out to those who registered.  Would still like to know how to fix it though. 

The reason I ask is that sounds like a transient issue.

@Brad Wilsonproblem reported to Microsoft on my side.