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I hosted an MS Teams Webinar yesterday, and clicked the 'REcord Automatically' option, however I am yet to see the recording in the Chat.  I am not sure why this hasn't worked as it has done in the past.  


I am worried that perhaps I didn't click 'Save' after changing the option, although it is still checked even now.


If this is the case, is there any way of retrieving a recording?  Would MS be able to provide a copy in retrospect?


Is there any other way of checking whether this has been recorded?


Thank you

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In case you have set that option to Record Automatically then the Webinar should have been automatically recorded and the recording should have appeared immediately.

Unfortunately my personal view is that the settings would have not been saved because of which it would have not recorded the Webinar. One option is reaching out to the helpdesk and see if they can assist us with MS. Chances of retrieving the recording is minimum.

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