Microsoft Teams Meeting, Webinars or Live Events - Confused ??

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Have you ever been in a situation where you are confused what solution to use for your upcoming virtual event ? 

I was in a similar situation last week, where we had to choose the right solution to cater to all our requirements, and honestly it was hard considering Microsoft Teams has lot of features to choose from.

Below table helped me take a decision, hope this helps you as well. Note this is not the full list of features, refer to official document for details information.


 Teams Meetings Webinars  Teams Live Events 
Limitup to 1000up to 1000 up to 10,000 ( Temporary 20,000 )
ChatYes (up to 1000)YesOnly for Event Group
Custom ProductionNoNoYes
Raise HandYesYesNo
Participant ListYesYesNo ( Only for Event Group )
Closed CaptionYesYesYes
Mute audio\videoYesYesOnly for Event Group
External speakerYesYesYes
LobbyYesYesOnly for Event Group
Breakout roomsUpto 300Upto 300No
2 -way communicationYesYesOnly for Event Group
Gallery viewYesYesNo
Together ModeYesYesNo
Spotlight \ pinYesYesNo


To summarize, Webinar has all the feature of a regular Teams meeting additionally it provides registration capability. The only place where it falls short is view-only mode. 

Live Event is for Broadcast where attendee are only consuming the video feed with interaction through QnA only. Custom Production tools and RTMP could be used to create layout for broadcast.

Resources for reference :


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Thanks for sharing, but the Tech Community Ideas space where you originally posted is specifically for ideas for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not about individual products.


I'm moving your post to the Microsoft Teams space. Please post about Microsoft Teams there in the future.

I think that it can generally simplified
Is everyone considered a peer and can talk?
Is this mostly a few to many meeting where you have leaders and listeners?
Is this a broadcast to many people where more than a single video source is used?

@Dexterous365 This is a great table - the effort you put into creating it is much appreciated.


I did notice an error though - Q&A is available in Teams Meetings, Webinars and Live Events, though your table indicates it's only for Live Events.