Microsoft Teams + Live Event + Automation

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Hi all,

been reading up on Microsoft Teams and Live Event.


Part I:

I'm looking for an automation that I can create an online registration form, once filled up, and email of the live event with be sent to the attendees.

Part II:

At the point of the event, attendees will log in and when the start time of the event is up, a pre-recording of a video will be played to them.

Part III:

Organizer to use mobile app to join in the event to answer if there are any questions. 


I know Part I is possible but what about Part II & III? Anyone know how can I do these with Office 365? Or is there any free way of walk-around besides those paid services? (I've looked into Restream & Onestream but those are for social medias like Youtube and there's a monthly fee) I would prefer to stick within Office 365, if possible.

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