Meeting chat options for external and internal users

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Hi, staff here at the office are reporting that when they set the Meeting chat option to 'In-meeting only', external users can't type in the chat box.

Another issue I'd like to seek input from you is regarding when the Meeting chat option is set to 'On', it starts notifying on the Chat tab all the users invited to that meeting, not only the participants at a given time, external users can type on the chat though.

Is there a way to have external users allowed to use the chat with the 'In-meeting only' option?

And is there a way to allow notifications only to users that are participating in the meeting?

Thank you.

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@paobmmc for your two questions:


  • External people should be able to engage in the meeting chat when the meeting is active. They won't be able to use it before or after.
  • You can't separate people who attended vs people who are invited in the chat. The individual user will need to manage this themselves. They can choose to mute the conversation.
You are right, I had to revert the meeting policy back to default and it started working again.
Thank you.