Limit the Number of Registrations in a Webinar

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we are eager to implement the Webinar Functionality in our Company and at the moment I am exploring the possibilities and found something that bugs me.


In our small Webinars we mostly have a maximum size of 8 allowed participants, is there a possibility to block the registration when the system notices that I reached the allowed limit and inform the User that the Webinar is full already?

Probably there is not but does someone know if this is a planned feature? If really would be great :)


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Hi @Caner1910   I know there is no way to limit the number of attendees for a Teams meeting - I haven't seen any documentation to indicate that it's any different for Webinars. 


Any other members of this community know differently?

I also searched everything but there is no such function. Would be great to have this feature in the future.

Sometimes big groups are not suited for Trainings e.g. so giving a max limit helps me as a trainer to organize the trainings and also the person who wants to register since he can look for other dates to join :)

@Caner1910  Would you be interested in opening an item in our Feedback Portal?  That way it becomes an official request to Teams Engineering and others can vote on the feature as well.

This is in our backlog for H1CY22.
I would also like this option implemented, perhaps with the option to set those that got late to the registration on a waiting list in case someone else drops from the webinar, then the one at the top of the waiting list would get an invite.

I would also like to manage the waiting list as being able to offering them the option to register to a different webinar. I usually organise many instances of the same training and I would like to move those on the waiting list to another instance of the training, or perhaps give me the option to edit the messaging tgat those on the waiting list would get so I could add a link to other instances of the training.

Or allow people to see how many available seats are within each of the instances I have created so they can decide which one to join instead of only finding out after attending registration. It would be annoying if I register to a training only to get a meesage saying that it is full and I have been put on a waiting list.

I guess Microsoft Teams don't want to add much complexity to the product and all I am suggesting would definitevely add complexity but I also hope you guys have the right people to manage that complexity on a usable way :)
All of the items mentioned above (registration caps, approvals, etc..) are being actively worked on.
It's will be very nice to the possibility to split events by limiting the number of participants.
is there any items on the Microsoft Roadmap which we can point users to ?
If you guys are also using Dynamics 365 Marketing - you can do this by setting up the webinar as a streaming event; there's a capacity field that is respected for registrations taken via D365 event registrations (which automatically link to Teams).

@Bryan Nyce - Thanks for this information. Is this visible on the roadmap or in some other of Microsoft's information platforms?

@Bryan Nyce has this functionality to limit registrations now shipped in the May release, or still being worked on? Will be great to get it for my use cases!

Any News here?
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