Event Cancelled, which wasn't cancelled

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I had a serious 'snafu' which occurred in a webinar.  We required registration for the webinar up to the final day.  We decided to change it to no registration needed so that anyone who wants to attend last minute can just click on the link and enter.  When we made the change 'Teams' sent an email to all those who had registered that the event was cancelled.  No warning was given that this would happen and the event was not cancelled, only one of the properties changed.  This has to be fixed.

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@h-i-k thank you for your feedback. From a technical standpoint, a webinar is simply a meeting with registration added to it - and when you changed the registration to "none" it effectively removed the registration feature from the underlying meeting - meaning that existing users that have registered, would no longer be able to attend with the webinar attendee join links. This did not the cancel the underlying meeting (as you noted) however. Totally agree that there needs to be clear comms on what happens when you change registration like this - will take the feedback directly to the feature PM.

Thank you Brian for the explanation. Any changes that sends a cancellation message need to be very well explained and a clear warning provided before any messages are sent.