Customized Webinar Teams Email Invitation

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Can you edit/customized webinar teams email invitation? I want to add an instruction below the email invitation that says "Click the ics file" so that the calendar event will be added to their calendar. 

Or is there a way that when they registered it will automatically added to their calendar? 

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Hi Mariaceline, I would like option this as well. In the mean time I have solved it by mentioning this in the information field of the registration form.
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Currently you cannot customize the invite. We're working to update this process to send out a meeting invite directly (as opposed to the current process which includes the invite as an attachment).
Thanks Bryan!
@Bryan - it would be wonderful if there was an option to send these meeting invitations (generated through Webinar registration page) as an actual invitation - not an email with an ICS. For your customers who use Outlook (which should be the majority) - having to click on the ICS is another step which may be confusing to many and which inhibits our using this workflow/process as our default. We really want to use this process for webinars - but you have to make it a bit easier for the end user to book on their calendar then join at appropriate time.

Hi @nola404 ,


We've recently released an update to the email registration that adds support for "add webinar to calendar" as well as "customer domain". This allows you to respond as you would to a regular calendar invite (see example here using my GMail account)



That is great @Bryan Nyce!! A sorely needed addition to this functionality. Have you actually fixed the problem with the date showing up incorrectly when you create the invitation through the webinar registration? If so - you now have a great and very useful product for our needs!

@Bryan Nyce hello. Thanks for this first update. But is this email ready for international? it seems to be stuck in English whereras our users are french speaking only…