Co-organizer vs Presenter role permissions

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Firstly, thanks for adding the Co-organizer feature - I can see this being useful in the future.


To nitpick, though, can I suggest a change in role permissions. We were testing with the Q&A App and found that only Organizers can now moderate questions, whereas Presenters are able to promote other users to Presenter and enable cameras and mics. I think this is backwards - surely presenters should be able to moderate Q&A as it's a part of the content of the event that they're talking to, whereas only Organizers should have the authority to promote others to be able to present, in order to limit the capacity for mistakes or malicious activities?




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Thanks for the feedback! The idea for only allowing organizers/co-organizers to moderate the Q&A is to align with the approach of a "moderator" for the event itself. Often the presenters have the main task of presenting (the "talent" in the production world), and the organizers/moderators would handle sorting the questions for the talent to answer.

We're also looking at reviewing the overall scope of rights for presenters all up (including the promotion ability) to scope it more appropriately.