CART in a Live Event

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I know we can use CART  in a standard Teams meeting but can it be used in a Live event?

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Currently it is only available for interactive meeting (regular Teams meetings).

You can request it to be added to Live Events here:
Thanks Linus. I didn't think so but just checking in case I missed anything. I have added feedback so hopefully people will vote!
Correct, CART is only available in Meetings. We are working to unify the Live Events and Meetings stack, and once that happens you will have CART support in streaming events.
Hi Bryan, thanks for the update. Do you have a rough timeline for this?
Beginning the second half of this calendar year (2022).

@Bryan Nyce Hi Bryan - is live CART in a Live Event available yet? Thanks!

Hi @StevenMataya ,


Live Events does not (and will not) support CART captions. We're working to add support for this in our evolution of Live Events, but we have not disclosed any information around this (or timelines) just yet.

@SarahLilley There is a new Live Event service coming out "soon."


I don't have any details, but it is supposed to finally bridge all the gaps between meetings and live events.


My guess is Microsoft will announce it at ignite 2023.