Cannot send questions with Android device in Teams live event

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Have you encountered the same problem? Questions cannot be sent to Teams Live Event with Android device. The button is visible and the questions can be written but it never goes public or even to the moderator. iPhone works just fine but Androids can not send the questions forward and the question gets jammed. Any ideas? 

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Hi @Sari Kangas ,


Sorry to hear that you are having issues. I am currently unable to reproduce this issue using the latest version of the Teams client from the Play Store. I was able to submit a question (privately) to the moderator. What version of the client was being used? If this continues, you might need to open a case with Support so they can debug the issue.

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Thank you Bryan for you effort.

We had a test session yesterday and discovered that the Teams version needs to be updated to the lastest version availabe. Some Android devices started to work and some didn't. We have also opened a case with Support.