Broken Link for Webinar Registration

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We use the Dynamics Marketing App and sent out an email with a link to a Teams Webinar registration page.  All of our testing worked great but when we sent the actual email the link was changed and it was broken.  Does anyone know why this might happen?  I have also posted this question to the Dynamics Community who has not yet given me any insight. 

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Hello @ang0811 I've sent this over to the Webinar team, who should offer you a response on Monday.

@ThereseSolimeno great thank you I look forward to hearing from them.

Hi @ThereseSolimeno we have found this issue is caused by the tracking link added via Microsoft Marketing. Is this planned to be resolved?

Hi @ang0811 I've found that the issue is caused from the tracking ID that Microsoft Marketing adds to links. If you were to turn off the tracking on the link it would allow for the contacts to be able to reach the registration page.

Thank you, @Jacob_Staniforth we will test that out!