Attendance Report Frustration!!

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Having attendance reports for our webinars is crucial. And so far this year, Teams reports are the most frustrating aspect.

Do I have the attendance tile pst meeting? Yes.

Do I have an attendance tab? Yes

Can I see who joined the meeting? Yes

Can I download the CVS files of the meeting? Yes, but from the time some random personed signed on after the meeting.

I need to be able to have access to the information from a specific time in the dropdown list.

There are zero reports in the chat.

I have looked in my "lists" page for O365. That is a separate pile of excrement on its own and no, I couldn't find my attendance record there either. 


Please, please help. We are being told to use the Teams platform in our organization, but we will not and continue to use GoToWebiar.  

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Hi @f00lking ,


Apologies for the frustrating experience. Can you clarify for me, when looking at the attendance tab (View and download meeting attendance reports in Teams ( - are you not seeing additional items in the dropdown? Or is the problem because you might have multiple reports on the same day?


Attendance reports will not be in Lists (that is for registration data only).

@Bryan Nyce  My apologies for the terse question above. This has been frustrating because attendance records are critical to our events as the attendees receive credit for the training and we must keep records of those attending our webinars per regulations.

Yes, I do see the dropdown menu to pick the date and time. However, there are always people you join early or after the meeting has finished. So the attendance tile is of no use. With the dropdown I can view my attendance but I have no way to access the information directly for download.

@f00lking I've been testing out the attendance reports too, it turns out while folks can register, if someone joins (I think it happens when they join via their web browser), their registered name and email don't show up on the attendee list, which is not useful at all because they can pick any old name to appear when they join