Assign Permissions to Presenter for Managing Meeting Options during a Webinar

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I have really loved the new feature of assigning breakout room permissions to other presenters. I think the same approach should be applied to Teams Webinars. For example, Person A is responsible for scheduling the webinars, managing registrations, communicating with attendees before and after webinar. Person B, Person C, and Person D are all responsible for delivering the webinar. Have meeting options available during the meeting has significantly improved the experience around lobby joins. Once you admit the first round of attendees, you can turn off the lobby to limit distractions during a webinar (which may often be an live training of some sort). If Person B, C and D could have permissions assigned to them to be able to maange meeting options like disabling the lobby I think this would significantly improve the webinar experience. 

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Hi @GabrielleM,


This is coming in our Co-Organizer role, which is slated to release this month. A co-organizer would have the ability to manage the meeting options, and do many (but not all) of the functions that the organizer can do. At release:

Co-organizers can do the following:

  • Access and change meeting options
  • Bypass the lobby
  • Admit people from the lobby during a meeting
  • Lock the meeting
  • Present content
  • Change another participant’s meeting role
  • End the meeting for all


Co-organizers cannot do the following:

  • Create & manage breakout rooms
  • View & download attendance reports
  • Manage the meeting recording
  • Edit the meeting invitation
  • Remove or change the Organizer role
This is awesome! thank you for sharing.