What’s new with Azure Backup
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Azure Backup lets you protect your workloads, in the cloud and on-premises, against various accidental and malicious data loss scenarios. Join this session to know about the latest updates and announcements that will help you protect your data assets using simple, secure and cost-effective solutions.


@Utsav Raghuvanshi Wow, this is a massive improvement! Why is this not published center stage among all the other big news? I just checked out the Backup Center, and it looks great :smile: 

We're glad you liked it :) 

While it's true there is no dedicated session for Backup at the moment (apart from the skilling videos), you can catch announcements related to Backup Center in the following sessions:



@Utsav Raghuvanshi 

I've spent last 2 days hunting videos left and right from Ignite, videos from the video hub here on techcommunity and videos from youtube :lol: so I'm sure I missed a bunch. I will certainly go through the videos you mentioned too, thanks :smile:

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@Utsav Raghuvanshi addition of blob storage backups is great news. :smile:


We're excited to know that you're looking forward to it!

Do check out this video on what to expect from the upcoming preview of blob backup, in case you haven't already: https://aka.ms/AB-BlobBackup


You can also sign up for the limited public preview here: https://aka.ms/AB-BlobBackup-SignUp


Would also urge you to fill out this survey to let us know what you think, and what can help you protect your Azure Blobs better: https://aka.ms/AB-BlobBackup-Survey

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@Utsav Raghuvanshi Any change that this PowerPoint will be available? Would be highly appreciated!

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