What's new in Windows management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager


​Get up to speed on the latest changes in Microsoft Endpoint Manager to support Windows device management. We’ll highlight a huge improvement to the device configuration admin experience, Microsoft Defender ATP attach, great new reports for Endpoint Analytics, and many new capabilities!

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Very cool Mike and Matt! Really great to see so many new available settings both for configuration manager and cloud only devices.

When will Policy Sets work for everything, like Win32 apps? It is not very useful, in its current state.


Or at least a way to see what a particular group has been assigned to.


These needs particularly come into play when attempting to replicate a particular device build type.


@mikedano is it possible to use Applicability Rules in the Settings Catalog?  Unfortunately I don't see this as an option, and we need to set slightly different settings for our Windows Holographic devices. 

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