What's new in Windows Admin Center 2103


Windows Admin Center, your favorite server management tool, is now generally available in version 2103. Learn all about the enhancements in this skilling video full of demos led by the lead Windows Admin Center Program Manager, Prasidh Arora. 

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Hello @Prasidh_Arora,

I've been using Windows Admin Center for some months and it's nice to see new features added in this tool. I have two questions:

Is it possible (or is it in the roadmap) to have a dashboard (customizable) for all the servers or computers managed by WAC (like the one that is for virtual machines when you manage an hyper-v host)?

Can we use a different account to sign in to the gateway other that the one from the windows session (in a domain environment). We can change the account which we use to manage the servers (Manage As) but I cant see any option to use another account to manage the gateway. It takes the one from windows session.

Thanks in advance



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