What's new in iOS/macOS management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

See the latest additions and improvements to iOS and macOS support in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. We’ll highlight shared device support, among other new and updated capabilities!
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@Arnab Biswas Great session! Will the restriction of app removal functionality be available for web clips on iOS (by setting the IsRemovable flag)?  We'd like to deploy a web-link as mandatory, but allow a user to remove it if they desire.  Ideally they could "re-install" the web clip from the company portal if they elect to remove it.


We'd also benefit from being able to set the FullScreen flag - is that on the roadmap?

Thanks for the video; great session @Arnab Biswas and @AnyaNovicheva ! 

@Arnab Biswas Where does the signin and signout options occur? Currently have a test device setup, authenticator is setup in shared device mode but no option for users to sign in. I see the screenshots in the video for an app that is handling that but no mention of said app.

Hi @Michael Nickels, thanks for the feedback. Currently, the "weblink" workflow in MEM is cross-platform and it cannot send platform-specific properties for web apps. Platform-specific web app interface would be considered in the future and platform-specific web app properties would then follow.

Hi @lroan1441, to enable an app to detect Shared Device Mode, the app has to be modified to detect it. You can learn more at Shared device mode for iOS devices - Microsoft identity platform | Azure | Microsoft Docs.  

@Arnab Biswas Im confused, so now that setup assistant with modern authentication is enabled but we still need to sign into company portal separately, can you tell me what benefits we are getting from this?

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