This is Windows security!

​Windows security gets better with every release. See how Windows is a hardened OS at the core that keeps your devices protected and productive end to end. We’ll also offer a sneak peek at where we’re investing our engineering muscle to take Windows platform security even further.
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@David Weston (DWIZZZLE) 


thanks for the video and great demo,


Microsoft Defender Application Control powered by AI (WDAC), needs to be available for regular, non-enterprise end-users too.

there are companies like Kaspersky that already give end-users this feature in their internet security suit, they use AI, Cloud and more advanced services to keep regular, non-enterprise users protected, too.


so why Microsoft think regular end-users of Windows 10 don't need these necessary security features to stay protected with all the malware and viruses around us?


if it's about license money then at least provide it to Windows 10 pro users, or pro for workstation users.

requiring users to be part of an organization, and then pay for a monthly subscription for something that 3rd party companies already provide for a much lower and fixed, annual price is just not good and unacceptable.


there are lots of malware and payloads that can easily circumvent Windows Security (Defender) features that come by default in Windows 10, so everyone (designers, bloggers, gamers, personal users, students etc. etc.) should buy a 3rd party AV solution that gives them these important security features..because the other option is a lot more complicated and Expensive since Windows 10 doesn't include WDAC.


@David Weston (DWIZZZLE) I have to say the WDAC AI will be a huge win vs applocker.  However I am more and more concerned with oversights in other product groups.


e.g. the Firewall issue in WSL2 and the fact it in effect bypass's all security

How difficult it is to protect non-security core computers with bitlocker pins and still apply tamper protection.

No way to do wildcards/hash's in defender or the firewall.   (Think teams and a corp managed firewall policy for instance with it installed in a user folder).   


To me these are going back to basic's items.  It is fantastic MS is moving forward in so many ways but please don't forget about the real world needs.


I know there has to be a drive forward on the big topics, but all I can say is "Shall we play a game?" (Wargames)

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