The Evolution of Outlook

Learn about the vision for the evolution of Outlook as your personal organizer and the transformation of communications and time management in the workplace. We’ll share the roadmap for Outlook and its future within the scaffolding of the evolving Microsoft 365 productivity suite. 
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Any timelines @JJ Cadiz .  This is all great but the windows outlook desktop has become really hard to use considering all the features that exist on the web and mobile that we just cant use now (Unified Inbox, Scheduled Emails, Swipe controls, Family calendar).  Also, what will happen to the windows 10 mail?  Are you getting rid of it?


Thanks and looking forward to testing this.



What happened to using Microsoft’s own MAUI?? Just wait till MAUI is complete!

@JJ Cadiz Why aren't you looking at using Maui and Blazor, or UNO UI which has been embraced by many other teams at Microsoft? That way everything is written in C# and all the javascript can be eliminated. Allowing for a faster experience all around.

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