Outlook and its place in your mobile productivity strategy

Delegate and shared mailboxes. Check. Sensitivity labeling. Check. Up Next, dark mode and more. Check. What’s next? Split screens, drag and drop and connected experiences: learn about the innovation in Outlook mobile designed to keep you organized, connected and prepared through out your day asked for by our leading Enterprise customers. .  
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@Nate Clinton A lot of organizations need to access more than one mailbox in their org or more than one tenant, especially for acquisitions and divestments. When will Outlook mobile support adding more than one managed mailbox to the same app?

Hi @Jeff Guillet ... multiple managed account support is on our radar (and something we'll be working with Azure Active Directory and Intune on), but we don't have any timelines to announce yet.  Thanks!

@Nate Clinton Any chance of getting customizable preview lines in mobile similar to Display Density on desktop? Would be awesome to be able to limit the number of preview lines to 0 or 1 on mobile to be able to see more emails at a glance.

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