OPS110 Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Roadmap Deep Dive


In this session Sarah Lean and Tom Hickling explore Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), how organisations have been using it during the pandemic, how it fits into a Hybrid scenario and also look at some of the new road map features coming in 2021.

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Learn More About Windows Virtual Desktop: https://aka.ms/ops110-learnmore​
RDP Shortpath: https://aka.ms/ops110-shortpath​
MSXI App Attach: https://aka.ms/ops110-msixapp​
Anti Screen Scraping: https://aka.ms/ops110-antiscreen​
What's New: https://aka.ms/ops110-whatsnew​
WVD Roadmap: https://aka.ms/ops110-roadmap​
Windows Virtual Desktop User Voice: https://aka.ms/ops110-uservoice​

To watch more sessions from the IT Ops Talks: All Things Hybrid event check out our playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...​

0:00​ Introduction
0:13​ What is today's session
2:00​ How has Windows Virtual Desktop helped during the pandemic
5:41​ Windows Virtual Desktop and Hybrid
9:11​ Let's look at the roadmap
9:59​ MSIX App Attach
17:53​ MSIX App Attach Demo
25:50​ RDP Shortpath Private
30:08​ RDP Shortpath Private Demo
31:11​ Anti Screen Capture Protection
33:26​ Anti Screen Capture Demo
34:53​ Start VM on Connect
37:19​ Start VM on Connect Demo
38:58​ Further reading
41:17​ UserVoice is important
42:38​ Wrap Up

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MSIX App Attach is totally awesome!

@Allen I noticed that none of the aka.ms links up there are actually working.

when I click on them, I'm being redirected to here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us?ref=aka


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