OPS103 Securing your Hybrid environment – Part 2 - Azure Sentinel


Anthony sits down with Sarah Young, Sr. Program Manager for all things Security related, to discuss use of Azure Sentinel on a hybrid environment.  The pair discuss how log analytics is ingested, reviewed, reported on and how attacks are remediated with data coming from both on-premises and in cloud environments. 

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0:00​ Introduction
0:24​ Does Azure Sentinel only protect cloud environments?
5:36​ Data Connectors demo
7:04​ Common Event Format (CEF) demo
8:44​ Syslog walkthrough
9:21​ Security Events walkthrough
13:50​ Does sending on-prem data up to the SEIM invoke latency?
16:30​ GitHub repo and outside submissions of security templates
22:00​ Log Analytics workspaces demo
23:51​ Sentinel Reporting demo
25:49​ Analytics rule wizard demo
34:00​ Analytics data source filtering demo
35:09​ Sentinel Incidents and Investigations demo
39:37​ Logic Apps and Automation demo
49:28​ Sentinel and On-premises Active Directory protection
51:40​ Wrap Up

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