OPS101 Securing your Hybrid environment - Part 1 - Azure Security Center


Now more than ever, organizations are challenged with keeping their employees productive working remotely and interacting with their customers over digital channels. At the same time there has been an increase in evolving digital security threats as bad actors recognize an opportunity to disrupt your business. Moreover, security resources are stretched, and prioritization is important.

In this session, Sarah Young, Sr. PM of Azure Security, walks us though Azure Security Center use in a Hybrid environment incorporating an on-premises and in-cloud architecture.

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0:00​ Introduction
0:32​ Name changes to the Azure Security Center offering
3:25​ Azure Security Center dashboard walk-through demo
4:28​ Secure Score Demo
9:54​ Common Vulnerability and Exposures list (CVE) explanation
11:28​ Secure Score Demo - Azure Arc
12:52​ Is there a difference in reporting from on-pre or in-cloud?
14:38​ Azure Security Center recommendations demo
16:02​ Remediation and Role based access control demo
18:20​ Identity is our new perimeter
20:08​ Importance of governance in cloud to assist in security posture
25:49​ Is Azure Arc required to use Azure Security Center to secure on-premises?
29:10​ Regulatory compliance demo
33:16​ What is the difference between Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel
35:12​ Azure Defender Threat Protection demo
40:00​ Wrap Up

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