On-demand learning with video and Microsoft Stream

Micorosft Stream is an amazing video platform that can be used to provide on-demand learning content within you Class Teams. Join us to learn how!
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I agree that Microsoft Stream (classic) are an easy plattform for end-users to adopt, as it is integrated into Teams today.

We have started in the last year, to adopt this among our business users, both to use for meeting recordings to reduce the need for staff to always attend every meeting, but also to create lectures for internal staff, videos published to Youtube for anonymous viewing as so on.


But to be honest, the so called "New Stream" end-user experience are not good. Working in a company where ~50% of our business users have a disability, this cumbersome user experience with download and upload to Stream etc.. will most likely mean the end to the use of Microsoft Stream as an app within our company.

I doubt that any UX / Accessibility designer have been involved and tried to look at this from the end-users perspective.





Thank you for your feedback @Bjorn-Tore.
We are in an in-between situation right now where we are still developing the new experience that you can follow on Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365.
You can read about what new features that are available in New Stream today and what features that are not currently available from Classic Stream here Features in the new version of Microsoft Stream - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Docs. You can keep using the Classic Stream as it is today and we will announce more details regarding New Stream via O365 Message Center.
If you want to read more about our Stream vision I recommend you to have a look at The new version of Microsoft Stream - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Docs

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