Multi-tenant management in the Microsoft 365 admin center


Multi-Tenant Management in Microsoft 365: It doesn’t have to be painful! This session covers the investments we have made in the multi-tenant admin space.

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I am very enthusiastic about this service. Nice demo, great work! Thanks

@MelissaBathum This is a great first step but there is still work to do.  As a partner who manages about a hundred tenants, I still need to use multiple browsers, and all the incogneto/InPrivate tabs to manage the tenants to do most of the day to day administrative tasks. Everything from managing MFA to Converting a mailbox to a shared mailbox still has to be done from inside the tenant as trying to do it through our partner accounts still generates unintelligable powershell errors.  I've got to say I'm glad this is starting to be addressed, and is a great step in the right direction.



when will the all tenants be available?  we only have the tenant switcher working currently.

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