Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager Deep Dive
Published Sep 20 2020 01:08 PM 8,171 Views
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Get deep insights from a panel of Endpoint Manager engineers on how to optimize your on-premises Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager services to optimize remote work with tenant attach to Intune, Cloud Management Gateway, software updates, application distribution, and security.

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@Rob York There seem to be points in the video where there is no audio? Not sure if that is something on my end or not but if I skip ahead I can find spots where there is audio and then it will drop out again.

@Jeff Poling only the first part is missing sound.. The subtitles however work..

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@Peter Daalmans audio stopped for me around 9:02 of the video as well

Community Manager

@Jeff Poling and @Peter Daalmans - We've fixed the audio and re-uploaded the video!

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@Rob York  David mentions Remote Viewer work in 2009 but for those that have requirements to use smart cards to elevate their access to the endpoint, Remote Viewer does not work.  This would be a game changer in how our support can do work and  Remote Viewer over CMG will be a huge help as I needed that today with a colleague that was having issues connecting to our network.  Love the hard work and the new features. Keep them coming.  User voice already submitted and a case is now open to see if we can get this functionality. 

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@Heather_Poulsen Thank you!

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@Rob York How does Autopilot into Co-Management work with White Glove?  Will the task sequence run during/after pre-provisioning?