Microsoft Bookings – Our Vision

Learn about our vision for Bookings as your smart scheduling tool. We'll discuss how Bookings can be used to meet a variety of your organization's scheduling needs, and also give you a glimpse into our future roadmap and key scenarios.
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@Arvind_Ravichandran Are there plans to add more enterprise management of Bookings? For example, we have 1,000+ people that could potentially use Bookings. We would not want them all creating Bookings calendars. We try to follow a standard naming convention as to better identify the use a of a mailbox or group. However, expecting our sys admins to manually create 1000 bookings calendars through the GUI is unreasonable. 


It would be nice to be able to take a list of staff accounts and pump that list into PowerShell to do the following:

  1. Create the Bookings calendar using a predefined naming convention (i.e. BOOKINGS-netid)
  2. Assign the user as an admin
  3. Rename the site to something like: First Last's Booking Page
  4. Tweak any settings that would be the default

Currently, we do this manually and leave a service account in the calendar as an admin so that IT staff have a way to reassign a Bookings calendar or manage as needed. 


Also, there should be a way for M365 Admins (or Bookings Admins) to be able to access all bookings calendars in the organization. 

@Arvind_Ravichandran How do you get the Outlook view of Bookings? Is this coming? We are a bank and we want to clone the appointment types for all branches. 

@Reid Guanti This is great feedback! We have the feature around Mass creation of mailboxes using power-shells and also making changes to role definitions to enable the Admins to do more. We unfortunately don't have an ETA at this point but something that really excites us!

@SusanMcClements Thanks for your interest and feedback.Not sure if I understand the ask, pardon me. Bookings is already well integrated with Outlook and all availability and appointments uses Outlook behind the scenes. Are you looking for anything specific with respect to Bookings and Outlook?

@Arvind_Ravichandran Love the redesign and so glad to see the ability to port over settings and services from another Bookings site into a new site. Been waiting a long time for that. Are there any updates that can be shared on the below features?


1. Validation of email against AAD or the GAL. For example, this prevents someone from putting instead of the correct A huge pain point for enterprises using Bookings for internal services as it can prevent users from getting a confirmation email and generates multiple NDR emails to the Bookings calendar mailbox.


2. The ability to remove a single person from a group booking without deleting the entire booking. For users who deleted their confirmation email or can't be reached for rescheduling, if admins needed to free up a seat for capacity reasons, this is an inconvenience as the current workaround is to increase the maximum attendees to accommodate for that unremovable attendee. This is not as intuitive as it could be.


3. Greater flexibility on hour ranges available on a given day. As it exists now, you can list a service to be available from 9am - 9pm and then put 2 hour intervals and buffers. But what if I want a service to be available from 9am - 12pm, then from 5pm-9pm? Greater flexibility in scheduling hours empowers your users to have complete control over how they deliver their services to users.


Bookings is great, but the above issues prevent my organization from using it on the scale that we want to.

Great feedback! totally agree. #1 and #3 is something we will take into consideration and work upon. #2, this is something in progress and we will roll out a solution shortly before End of 2020

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