Microsoft 365 Network Connectivity Testing Tools

For large enterprises Microsoft 365 connectivity often requires different network perimeter design than generic Internet connectivity. We publish connectivity principles and best practices for optimizing network perimeters for Microsoft 365. This session will show tooling that is available for testing against those connectivity principles and it will evaluate network connectivity for impact on Microsoft 365 user experience. Passive network measurements from Microsoft 365 clients are shown in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Active testing can be run using the Microsoft 365 Network Connectivity Test tool which is available at This talk we will review the test tools, describe when you would use them, and explain the output and what you can learn from them using demos. We will look at network latency, DNS configuration, download speed, network media elements, home VPN configuration, and more. Take a look and you’ll learn how to get the most out of your network perimeter supporting Microsoft 365 user experience.
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Thank you for wonderfull video.

Once I run the connectivity tool I m getting the following errors/issues under the Team connectivity, do you know why and the recommendations. 


1. Media connectivity (audio, video, and application sharing)- Media connectivity is not reachable is not reachable using Protocol UDP and Port 3478

2. Packet loss -Teams call was not successful
3. Latency -Teams call was not successful
4. Jitter -Teams call was not successful

1. TCP connection Unblock URL:, Test FQDN(s) used were:

                              Unblock URL: Test FQDN(s) used were:
2. SSL interception detection No errors



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