Information Governance demo: Intelligently govern your chat, social media, and collaboration data beyond Microsoft 365

You have more data beyond Microsoft 365, and we want to help you govern those data too. With native data connectors, you can continuously ingest data, such as SMS/MMS, social media, chat and other collaboration data, into Microsoft 365. In this session, you will learn how to set up native data connectors and then leverage Microsoft 365 Compliance solutions, including Information Governance, eDiscovery, and Communication Compliance to manage all the ingested corporate data in one place.
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                       If you have feedback on data connectors or would like to talk to us about a source your organization needs a connector for, please do drop us a line at To learn more about data connectors, please check out the Microsoft Compliance blog post here, the Compliance Ecosystem blog post here, and Breakout session here. Thanks.




Senior Program Manager, Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Engineering

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