Improve IT efficiency and agility and stay informed as you enable self-service tasks

Time is a precious commodity – come learn how you can get more of your time back. In this recording, we’ll walk through strategies you can use to speed through your everyday management tasks and even delegate admin tasks across your org. You'll see demos that include how to empower your users to reset their own passwords, how to use Microsoft Planner to plan and track upcoming changes to Microsoft 365, efficiently manage ownerless Groups, use instant-on PowerShell on the web, and more. Our goal is that after this session you’ll spend less time searching and more time doing.
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Hey everyone, Karissa here. Thanks for taking the time to watch this video. I'd love to hear your feedback or to answer any questions. I miss being able to present this to you all in person and hear what you have to say!

@Karissa Larson you said that cloud shell is available now.  I do not see it in my M365 Admin Center, is there a way to turn it on?

@Shawn Cannon It's rolling out now, and should be out to all customers in the next few weeks. If you turn on targeted release for your tenant you should see it now. Nothing special needed to turn it on, but be advised you will need to connect Cloud Shell to an Azure storage account when you first set it up. 

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