Enable security and productivity using Microsoft Endpoint Manager

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With the rapid move to work from home, more and more companies are enrolling devices into management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM). A key driver is simple setup by IT and seamless deployment of productivity resources to users. In this session, we will cover enhancements to Outlook on iOS and Android, hybrid AADJ on Autopilot, derived credentials, new partnerships with certification authorities and VPN providers, as well as show a new offering by MEM to help you connect your users to on-premises apps and resources.
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Few doubts and its not clear from document.

If we are using multiple server do we need to specify all server name in SAN for TLS

Under Server Configuration DNS Servers you mean AD DNS Server and ip Address

DNS Suffix - what if someone is using corp-x-abc.com and abc.com so which one to add abc.com or both.

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